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bennett_ryanWelcome to BCG for advanced-degree candidates (ADCs), where you will find information about campus events, recruiting contacts, and our application procedures.

Do you have an advanced degree—a PhD, a JD, or an MD—and an interest in a business career? Then you should consider applying to BCG. With your intellectual curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills, you will be able to make valuable contributions to client projects from day one. At BCG, you will be given unlimited opportunities to continuously expand your areas of knowledge, enhance your skills, and advance your career in a way and at a pace unmatched by most other companies.

As the Recruiting team for ADCs in North America, we are thrilled that you are interested in strategy consulting—and specifically in BCG. We think you will find that BCG has a great deal to offer you, both as a career choice and a life experience.

Ryan Bennett
NAMR ADC Recruiting Lead

Diverse Viewpoints Create Value

Conventional approaches rarely get our clients where they need to be. We have seen many times how creative thinking and out-of-the-box solutions for our clients' toughest business problems require a combination of different viewpoints, angles, and perspectives.

As a consultant with an advanced degree, you will enrich project teams with your own fresh and distinct perspective, therefore providing clients with thoughtful approaches of the highest caliber and solutions tailored to their organization and challenges.

For example, we often find ourselves working for clients whose business is closely linked to the natural sciences. Having a real understanding of the underlying science helps us execute the right analysis and propose viable solutions, while also establishing our credibility with the client.

There is no doubt that a chemist's understanding of the value chain in a health care concern is different from that of a business major; that a physicist looks at the automotive industry from his own angle; or that a mathematician has a particularly sound approach to risk-assessment topics.

At BCG we realize that social sciences have become more important than ever before in today's era of globalization. Who could better understand what it takes to create and maintain competitive advantage for a global company than a social scientist? For a company that has decided to enter a new market, a sociologist can deliver insights that nobody else is able to provide.

The turnaround of an entire company culture is a process that requires extensive expertise in psychology and, at times, anthropology. JDs who possess strong communication and interpersonal skills can also use their critical thinking to approach a problem they may have studied in corporate law from inside the boardroom.

At BCG you can choose to surprise those around you—and maybe even yourself.

For BCG, a Fresh Perspective and Valuable Skills

We find that candidates who have spent significant time in academia or working in the scientific or health care fields, as well as many JDs, have reached a particularly high level of proficiency in competencies and skills that are critical to consulting—such as problem solving and analysis.

Thus, compared with others just starting at BCG, you will embark on your career with a deeper understanding of the major pillars of the consulting process:

  • Thinking through complex problems
  • Finding new analytical approaches to answering questions for which no standard solution exists
  • Formulating and testing hypotheses
  • Thinking through your assumptions in a structured way
  • Generating insights from your analysis and distilling recommendations
For You, a Unique Growth Opportunity

At BCG, you will work with people who possess incredibly diverse backgrounds, which means that you will have unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth. You will also have the opportunity to make a positive impact on multiple clients across many industries and business functions.

In all projects, you will have the chance to brainstorm with top-notch executives, as well as with the highly talented members of your BCG teams. At the same time you will enhance your intellectual leadership and ability to credibly communicate with and inspire audiences in fields outside your area of specialization. Through this experience, working at BCG will build bridges for you and open up additional paths, no matter where your interests guide you.

Furthermore, we encourage you to grow beyond your area of expertise. Our on-the-job apprenticeship model, as well as our extensive training and mentorship programs, will help you transition from the academic or scientific environment into the consulting world. We tailor training programs for consultants without a business background to provide a strong foundation for professional strategy consulting.

In addition, the BCG culture of collaboration and our open-door policy mean that you will always have someone to talk with about your project, the BCG culture and work dynamic, or your experience at BCG.

At BCG, there is no single path to success. If you are interested in leveraging your skills and growing personally and professionally in a global, fast-paced, team-oriented environment, BCG is the right place for you.

Together, Expertise and Impact

BCG has been recruiting advanced-degree candidates for over a decade, and as we expand our reach to recruit the top talent, we will continue to recruit more. Globally, 30 percent of our hires hold advanced degrees, and there are nearly 100 partners with advanced degrees working across a range of practices and industries. In addition, these partners hold leadership positions within the firm, including our CEO.

As an advanced-degree candidate you have already developed a specific set of skills and expertise. At BCG you can choose to focus on the industry closest to your field of study, or be exposed to a completely new industry. BCG’s broad portfolio of client work provides the ideal stage for exploring new fields and finding ways to leverage your analytical skills and topic expertise.

We have a supportive model for your development that gives you the ability to develop your career and discover where your true passions lie. For instance, BCG's diverse culture gives MDs who may want to focus on health care, or the physicist who may want to experience a new industry like consumer goods the same opportunities to receive mentorship, training, and development—and to impact their client.

For more information on BCG's capabilities, please visit our Expertise & Impact page.

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